Religious radicalism on practice
(Connection between religious and political extremism)

Religious radicalism is one of the urgent problems of todays world. It personifies the absence of tolerance among various ideological trends and beliefs, violence, and religion-motivated acts of terror.
Azerbaijan, which is an important strategic link between east and west, north and south, thats on one of the significant junctions of Eurasia, can be faced with similar danger, too. Besides, Muslims are a dominating part of the Azerbaijani population. The conference held on June 10 in the International press center of the Kaspi Organization of Public Association of Geopolitical Researches under the motto of Ways of the fight against religious radicalism was dedicated to this not simple problem. Scientists, journalists, students and professors of the Theology Institute of Azerbaijan took part in the conference. To discuss the problems and recommendations and suggestions on the fight against extremism, radicalism and terrorism, we met with PhD, prof. Rafig Aliyev, first Chairman of the State Committee on the works with religious organizations (2001-2006), founder of the Irshad center for Islamic researches, who was invited to the conference as the main reporter.
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Religious radicalism on practice
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