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The child of romaticism
RAFIG YAHYA OGHLU ALIYEV Rafig Yahya oghlu Aliyev. The Child of Romanticism (philosophic and religious reflections) – July, 2009, Baku "Apostrof", Baku - 2009. – 100 pages. Edition of 1000 copies In the last century we would often say and still say nowadays that the romanticism once dominated in mind, gave way to the realism and pragmatism of post-industrial society. The author of the book, The Child of Romanticism, does not agree with the opinion. As the top of the romanticism he considers something that, for objective reasons, cannot be replaced by anything else. In the author’s view, this is the romanticism of the body and soul that has a divine beginning as far back as the mother’s belly. All the chapters of the book are directly related to the human’s inner world, the synchronism of its elements with the processes taking place beyond our perception.
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