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New Europe without capitalism

Rafig Yahya oghlu Aliyev. New Europe Without Capitalism.
Political and philosophic thoughts
November, 2011. Baku. “Apostroff” Publishing & Printing,
Baku – 2011. - 124 pages. Edition of 2000 copies

The book brings forward the author’s personal attitudes to the analysis of the present difficult political, economic and financial situation in the EU member states. It reveals the author’s prognoses of the necessity of system reforms, avoiding useless attempts to reanimate the obsolete political and financial structure of capitalism. In the author’s opinion, for objective reasons, modern capitalism is not able to solve problems of preservation of life supporting financial institutions the European states and the West are facing today. The author thinks that Europe has to go over to a post-capitalistic way of development. This is the call of the times, the demand of the historical moment. The delay may turn into a tragedy for many nations, including the EU member states. The book is meant for a wide circle of readers.
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