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Poverty. Dictatorship. Injustice.
“Poverty. Dictatorship. Injustice”.
Political and philosophical thoughts.
January, 2012, Baku. “Apostroff” Publishing & Printing, Baku-2012. 220 pages. Edition of 2000 copies
In the book, the author presents his views against global s in different spheres of society, concretizing their real influence upon politics and philosophy. In his opinion, there are no enough serious political and philosophic explanations of the developments and prognoses for the nearest future. The humanitarian component of science is far behind the rates of the rapidly changing world for different reasons, including objective ones. Maybe, this is the reason why there is not a more or less acceptable methodology of the political and philosophic analysis. Works dedicated to human mental s are absent as well.
Taking into consideration all this, the author‘s personal feelings, estimations and prognoses are the main criterion of his approach to the problems he has touched upon.
Сайт автора Rafig Aliyev
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