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There is no more precious deed than assumption of the Wests ignescent fire of hatred and spite.

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The end of war in Syria?! The question by a deputy, a scholar Syria, representative of a smaller nation of friends, living in the country, took by surprise many participants of the international conference held on the initiative of the Universal Peace Federation in Jerusalem on the 19th -22nd of December. The question is not rhetoric; it is more than specific and interesting not only for those who are fighting for their country, life and Syrians welfare, but also for those who organize, finance and demand deceitfully the fire of civil war in Syria not to go out.

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There is again a mysterious triangle. The evident has suddenly become obvious. A precious acknowledgement for the last two decades.

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Every reasonable person always thinks before making important decisions. US President Barak Obama is not an exception. This time he is thinking more than usual! If only the reflection had a good end!

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Which is more important: love, mind or heart?!

To experience the strength and essence of feelings, hidden man, we will still ask ourselves a lot of questions and try to find answers to them. We are still in quest for the study of secrets of the abstract essence, influencing our physical, moral and material states Well, which is more important: love, mind or heart?!

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That is the call of the times. The opponents of the way the question is formulated are mistaken. The ideas of pseudo-nationalism and chauvinism they adhere to remain in the past. And there is no return

Russian President V. Putins recent visit to Azerbaijan and a number of important agreements relating energy and transportation spheres signed during the visit have caused a lot of surmises and unbelievable versions of the visit in mass media.

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Modern philosophers, sociologists and historians know well that any revolution is a replacement of power and of social and political system. One system is liquidated, the construction of another one starts. A revolution is a participation of wide strata of population in it. Masses overthrow the old power together with the system and bring to power those, who are close and equal by social position.

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A desire for a gradual transformation of friends into rivals needs no special ability and tact. In this case stupidity alone is enough. Excuse me for the word stupidity, but let not all of those afraid of Iranians take that about themselves. Everybody has a right to have a goal and hobby.

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That restricts its potential. Human intellect is entirely based on information it received the go-between (mind) and interrelations with consciousness.
The absence of such can nullify the efforts of mind, intellect and consciousness. Mind-intellect-consciousness is a closed circle. Everything is solved inside the mysterious invisible circle.

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They kill for oil kings to sleep quietly.
The so-called Islamists, rebels, militants, etc. has been preparing to destructions and killing for months, years and even decades. It is not difficult to suppose that the psychology of such people, if one can call so, their consciousness is formed not for a short period of time, and not by anyone, but leading psychologists of military units of western countries, in particular NATO-member states. All experts are talking about this.

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