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Black clouds mean rain. The rain may turn out to be good, may clear and refresh the air, prolong or give life to everything on earth. However, thick blue clouds are a terrible warning and they are much worse than storm clouds, tsunami, the Flood described in the Bible, the Christians holy book.

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Like any form of poverty, ideological poverty gradually deprives man of his pride, making him be patient or even aggressive. Both do harm to his health, as well as to that of society, a part of which the man is.

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The collapse of the States will inevitably follow this
The Democratic and Republican Parties have divided the US population into two camps: the one is pro, the other is contra. The absence of one single ideology has brought the most powerful state of the world to a peculiar political, ideological, financial and economic deadlock. Society without ideology has also become economically and financially sick.

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The world around us is what we are

The most important feeling is most peoples nearly main meaning of life As a matter of fact, it is a strong argument. True sense of love is the unity of mind and heart, thoughts and emotions. It can raise man to heavens and overthrow onto the sinful earth and destroy the best in it.

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A breach in the strength of the European Masonic lodge
The European politicians movement on the elimination of the crisis has slowed down. Who needs Europes spurious unity?

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And democracy is not an ideology; it is just one of the forms of state government.
The West still does not know what to do with religious ideology. It did not know this a century ago, too, sometimes struggling and sometimes making friends with the Church and its power over millions of peoples mind. Now, in time of absence of any ideology, the West has faced the most difficult problem: what to do with the followers of Islam, claiming upon respect and power?

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The West is pretending to have been living at the expense of this postulate for centuries and is trying to impose the obsolete model of democratic production on the rest of the world. There are more than enough examples of that Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Syria, etc.

We will try to approach this in another way, fishing deeper, regarding the problem another point of view the viewpoint of our reality.

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The great plan of bloody wars, destructions in the world.
The clash of civilizations is a special task set in their time by US leaders before the CIA and stated by a certain scientist S. Huntington.
The rest of the things that happened and are still happening are just interim stages of the superpowers destructive plan.

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Catholicism great heritage

The Church is paling, rather, blushing with shame, concealed under the wonderful mantle, because of the absence of mutuality with society which has been actually living on their own for recent decades without the help of votaries.

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Everything is useless because you cannot deceive God!

This is how I would regard B. Netanyahus extraordinary deed, not peculiar to the leader of the Israeli government: a virtual mobile apology for Turkish citizens death. This is the first case in the history of the Jewish government when the leader of the Cabinet Council solves important problems by phone standing on the boarding ramp

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