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Freedom of conscience What is it? Who thought it up? Why do people often call upon conscience? Can all human actions be measured by conscience the inner voice of man?

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The knowledge of religion does not save radicalism

That has been proved by the events of recent decades and time itself. It is paradoxical, but facts say that knowledge, even the most profound but received unscrupulous religious ministers, becomes a strong reason for carrying out actions incompatible both with the essence of religion and secular laws of society in which believers, very religious persons, persons of little faith and absolutely irreligious citizens live. Therefore, not every kind of knowledge can direct a person at a right, virtue and religious path, and knowledge of religion is not exception in this case.

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A strong rival is a quite kind and very important source, a chance to be famous, to display ones intellectual potential, to use ones combativity. All great personalities, in politics or art, had strong, worthy enemies.

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They say that when you lie correctly and with confidence, they will believe you rapidly. Most of politicians and large mass media agents have adopted the reality perfectly and are deluding the world community, peoples in Europe and Asia, in particular.

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As a part of chronic disease of the West that infected some politicians, analysts and journalists in Azerbaijan, too

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Pleasure, pain and brain

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Or still a moral vacuum?!

We have witnessed serious contradictions about one important matter in society recently.

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The Great Kurdistan: Myth to Reality

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(I can say with sure that without these fundamental components the development of man, society, and the government may become unsolvable problems for people and the power they elected. You think automatically that these two attributes of life appeared when human living conditions on the earth appeared)

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As the experience of overcoming the financial and economic crisis in the European shows, hyperliberalism as a European democracy side effect can bring to the disunity of European nations and states. No matter how European politicians are trying, European democracy, not restricted with severe laws, fails to regulate the motion and expansion of liberalism correctly

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