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Unhappiness can be a bridge to happiness is a well-known proverb.

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(Dangerous consequences of protests in Europe)

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REFLECTIONs The major part of the population of the modern world is at the state of spiritual poorness, amorality and absence of idea, of any moral and ethical, family and religious values, uniting people. Unfortunately, this is the undisputable fact proved by the reality of the present.

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 It can more power both in Europe and the world. The USAs role in world businesses will , too. B.Obamas dream about independent leadership will come to real grief. However, the vivid world will stop existing.

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Every political party and politicized religious movement dreams of this.

When a religious element lies in a political movement or its ideology, and the whole pyramid is built on it, it will bring to a partial , reforming, modification and even deformation of religion without sure. It always brings, with some rare exception, the political movement to crash. In addition to the final, most similar political movements, as a rule, do not parade their final aim, thinking that to be a serious obstacle for attracting supporters and establishing normal business and friendly interrelations with power. Therefore, the bulk of participants of such movements learn about its aim (say, power) then when there is no way back.

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What is this: force, weakness or hopelessness to do something serious against the one towards whom the so-called one-sided sanctions are applied?

Or, is this the display of indifference to suffering of millions of people, whole countries and nations? Sanctions are applied when diplomacy and politics surrender to other incorrect methods of solving one or another problem, and rather dominance of caprice of one or another weak political leader with great ambitions. Compare: the period 1979 up to our days is the start of sanctions era, blockade of Iran by Washington. Then the USAs methods of working will become clear, the USA, which is considered the strongest state in the world

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In early August, several Azerbaijan soldiers bodies were sent in zinc coffins the frontline and buried. This means that coffins cannot be opened, since the bodies inside them are unrecognizable.
The late July-early August incident happened between Azeri and Armenian troops on the contact line nearly provoked the outbreak of war the eruption of Garabagh volcano - along the whole frontline.

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Our ancestrys wisdom has worked for centuries. Nowadays, nothing has left of it. Today, quite another system if you dont want, youll be made to works with the help of mass media, including powerful TV, Internet and wide web called social nets.

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Both the important components of social life suffer this.
The use of Islam in the political struggle against their opponents or rivals is the weak point of the Muslims, whose religious consciousness is atrophied. They must find the ideological basis for struggle and leave religion to take its place in the space of morality, which is a wide and no less important in comparison with other components of social and political life.

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It is surprising but, in my view, they do not serve to strategic and tactic interests of our country, but indulge in geopolitical and military ambitions of deceitful West about talks on the Crimeas problem. Hypocrisy is one of the generally accepted peculiarities of politics, but there should be limits!

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