The Power Of Word In The Fight Against Islamophobia
Frankly speaking, I dont like the word phobia.  As soon as I hear or read it, I see a virus-infected person in front of my eyes. To cure the disease antibiotics are taken to kill all the viruses or a new antivirus is needed.  The world, the universe is created so that it solves the physiological or psychological problems it faces through mutual understanding or confrontations and wars.   The world is created so the beginning. Technical discoveries or powerful means, for example, mass media newspapers, TV channels, internet resources, etc., which have enough power to influence the society or the mass, are always triumphant as a result of such struggles. The strongest weapon is the thought, opinion, the ideological system formed on their basis. All these are still based on a word.  

Naturally, the worlds strongest means of struggle today are viruses and antiviruses. Weapons or army to fight the virus of word havent been discovered yet.  Though they too were created by means of words. We all know that a word can calm down, excite, create or destroy as well as there is no kind of weapon stronger than the word.  As the proverb goes, a word can elevate you or bring you down. It is mentioned in holy and ethic books of all heavenly religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) and non-heavenly religions (Buddhism, Brahmanism) which united billions of people, that the divine word played a major part in the creation of man and the Universe.  
Therefore, we will not be mistaken if we say that there are words in the foundation of todays widely spread Islamophobia. A short excursus to history will show that the word was the only and most destructive weapon of the fascist regime, that stirred up World War II. Hitlers main ideologist, Goebbels said: Let me control the media and I will turn any nation into a herd of pigs. One can say thta in the course of the war he managed to make his idea come true. Such destoying were his words, and we know the approximate number of victims of them. 

By remembering the 25-years events, we will again receive evidence of the power of words. The absence of the strong enemy after the collapse of the USSR as a result of western states intrigues, confused the NATO- members. It became clear on one of the meetings that the absence of the powerful enemy will create considerable difficulties on the way of mobilization of Wests military forces. The then British prime minister, filled with hate towards her people and foreigners and the present rusty Iron lady Margaret Thatcher said, calming her colleagues that they had a bigger enemy to defeat and mentioned Islam. She said the red must be d to the green. Since then the West declared an open war against Islam and Muslims. That very statement laid the foundation of Islamophobia. The seed, thrown into the fertile soil grew fast and turned into the ideological weapon in the West. The phobia, the virus spread to western countries, made a crucial in their internal and foreign policies. New religious and political institutions, investigation centers, mass media in the West managed to form in readers and viewers mind the image of the new enemy, using the word combinations like Islamic terrorist, radical Islamic groups, Islamic fundamentalism and so on. Thus, the nightmare called Communism in Europe was successfully replaced with new Islamic nightmare.
The result is well-known. Experts came to conclusion that 9/11 attack in New York, indeed implemented by US intelligence service, prepared the ground for turning the struggle with green enemy into war. I think everyone will agree that the word played its huge role in this matter. Iraq, Lybia, Afghanistan and Syria became victims of the phrase Islamic terrorism. Thousands of innocent Muslims, were killed, whole countries, governments and hundreds of cities turned into ruins, many billions of refugiees and IDPs appeared. All this is an obvious evidence of Islamophobia. The authors of the latter think they have reached the goal. However, the following events showed how much they are mistaken. Soon after the word machine malfunctioned. As a matter of fact, it is normal, as everything has the end. Now, the authors of Islamophobia have to switch from the policy of attack to defence. Despite the fact that they united destuctive power of words and guns, they did not manage to do anything. However, the West doesnt want to accept its defeat and crisis it has reached. Russia that won the informational war and its Muslim allies managed to turn the power of word against the West. 
Azerbaijans power and strength is also in words. Last year the Presidents Decree declared 2017 The year of Islamic Solidarity in Azerbaijan, which reduced swift spread of Islamophobia, and even helped to overcome it in definite areas of activity. The propaganda of Islamic solidarity, started in Azerbaijan, as principal obligation of mass media, turned into the most powerful tool against Islamophobia. The word won again! Most contradictions among islamic countries were, even if temperarily, eliminated. The big countries like Iran and Turkey united against Islamophobia. That proved once again how positive is the result of the idea of Islamic solidarity Azerbaijan put forward. Through the mediation of Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan, Russia, the strongest atomic country in Eurasia, also supported the struggle. The triangles of Russia-Turkey-Iran, Russia-Azerbaijan-Iran were created. Thus, a military and political union, delivering a powerful blow against Islamophobia, was found in Middle East. Positive s are observed in the military area. Syria can be said to be completely mopped up from terroristic groups the Islamophobs created and the mission is still under way. I am sure the process will finish in favor of the constructive word. 
I would like to underline the power of word and action, related to it in the creation of above-said relations. Analyzing recent developments in our region and Middle East for last 2 to 3 years, we must note the work of mass media, their role in the forming of public opinion and we should support them. We know the power of word and we must be responcible for every single word. That is very important. We witness that the powerful state like the USSR collapsed not under the influence of weapons but words. Being based on this fact, I am saying with confidence that the word played a significant role in the foundation of last unions. In this respect, the fact that the word is the foundation of Islamic solidarity is appropriate. We must not only be proud of, but also responsible for the fact that it is Azerbaijan that said the constructive word.
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